Icelandic for 'waste'

soun croissant bag

SÓUN, pronounced as /soh·wun/, Icelandic for 'waste', is a high quality handbag collection bridging Italian craftsmanship and inventive sustainable materials.

Slow over fast and timeless over trend with a deep respect for nature throughout the value chain. Graceful in every single piece through carefully selected materials, natural tanning and hours of traditional Italian techniques. Challenging the status quo by capturing the true value of materials while taking care of our world today and tomorrow.

In other words: Honest Luxury.

The launching capsule collection is made from salmon skin; strong and alluring derived from a by-product preventing waste. The sustainable and ethical alternative for exotic leathers. Exploring a fine balance between natural textures and strong lines SÓUN seeks uniqueness while adhering elegance. Creating classics that last a lifetime.

SÓUN, Honest Luxury, Amsterdam 2019.